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November 28, 2012

There has been a lot of discussions recently around ‘Big Data’. Most of the conversations  that I have been involved with around ‘BIG DATA’  have, in general, been very productive and informative. They have naturally lead into Data Warehousing best practices and how the business can best utilize it’s IT resources to make better decisions.  (IT is a resource and can help generate revenue!!! NOT an expense)

However, a significant number of conversations, especially on the internet, seem to contain more hype than real  substance around Big Data. It is not unusual for me to see “Big Data” in the title and then have the article or presentation say nothing substantive about it !

It can be hard to filter the hype/marketing from the truth about how proper Big Data management can improve the bottom-line.

So I have compiled a brief list of resources to help with understanding Big Data. I will add to the list as new resources become available.


Incorporating Big Data Technologies into your BI & DW Strategy (Chicago): Microsoft in partnership with BlueGranite (full discloser: my employer) is putting together a Big Data presentation to help Business Decision Makers understand the value of Big Data.

RobKerr’s Blog: If you’re a #Microsoft #MSBI Pro, it’s time to learn about #BigData and #Hadoop: Here’s how! Great BIG DATA links !

BI Academy: If you can’t make the presentation in Chicago Rob Kerr (SQL MVP)  has put together series of great videos which provide an introduction to BIG DATA, Hadoop, and Data Warehousing and how they interact together.

Microsoft Big Data : Provides some great introductory material around BIG DATA. If you are a Data Warehouse Professional I would highly recommend that you download HDInsight and get comfortable with it. Yes I know yet another thing to learn but it it worth it!

Polybase: This is still bleeding edge stuff that will first appear in version 2 of SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse PDW, but I am guessing that similar functionality might make it’s way into regular SQL Server SMP. It ability to query and join both structured and unstructured data is AWESOME!