In-Memory Technologies Comparison

If you have been to a database vendor conference within the last few years, you no doubt have heard a lot about “In-Memory Technologies”.   These technologies are hailed as the solution to all of your OLTP and Data Warehouse performance problems. Just buy their (expensive) hardware/software appliances and performance will no longer be an issue. While it is true that having a database engine access data from memory is generally faster than accessing it from disk, not all in-memory technologies are created equal. Each one has it’s own unique strengths and weaknesses.

I am sometimes asked about how other competing technologies compare to SQL Server (either In-Memory OLTP or Columnstore/Batch Mode).   Admittedly, my knowledge of other competing technologies is relatively shallow as compared to my knowledge of SQL Server and it is sometimes very difficult to get pass the marketing hype of an in-memory technology to figure out what it does well and what is does not do well.

Fortunately, Microsoft has recently released an excellent white paper that can be invaluable for those who are trying to evaluate the merits of the major in-memory technologies.

SQL Server In-Memory OLTP and Columnstore Feature Comparison

SQL Server Columnstore vs. Oracle

SQLServerCS vs Oracle

SQL Server In-Memory OLTP vs. Oracle Times Ten

SQLServerOLTP vs Oracle

SQL Server vs. SAP Hana

SQLServer vs SAP Hana

SQL Server vs IBM DB2

SQLServer vs IBM DB2


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