BlueGranite: DW and BI Resources


BlueGranite, a company that I do a lot work for and who has a great team of BI and DW professionals, are creating great BLOG posts that will be useful for those who are not  in-the-weeds developers, such as self Smile


Another great resource is Rob Ker’s (SQL MVP) MSBI Academy which some good short videos on great variety of Microsoft BI topics. I like his videos because they get to the point and have much better sound quality. No more having to sit through long demos that ramble on and at times are very hard to understand. (I have been known to do that from time to time)

To be completely transparent I will be creating some content for these sites as well. You might even see content there before it appears in my BLOG.


My SQL Performance Tuning Test Results for Data Warehouse Architectures post compiles over a year’s worth of SQLIO work with variety of SQL Server Data Warehouse Hardware Architectures.

I also like Rob’s Big Data Series

And in case you missed TechEd North America 2013 here are my top picks:

Any Data, Any Size: Architecting Breakthrough Performance with Mission Critical Solutions Built on HP AppSystem for Parallel Data Warehouse

Do You Have Big Data? (Most Likely!)

Large-Scale Data Warehousing and Big Data with Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse V2

Polybase: Hadoop Integration in SQL Server PDW V2

What’s New for Columnstore Indexes and Batch Mode Processing


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