Great BLOG posts part 2

some great resources have been made available with the release of SQL Server 2012 which provide a deep understanding to some the most important SQL Server data warehousing features.

Inside SQL Server 2012’s ColumnStore Index :

This talk will describe how the new ColumnStore index technology in SQL Server 2012 makes queries go faster. It will cover details of the storage and execution model down to how this model interacts with modern CPUs to deliver significant performance benefits on Data Warehouse queries.

This is an excellent presentation that explains why my results for measuring Columnstore Index Throughput in a previous post was so impressive.

DW Design With The Product Team

This talk will explain the patterns that we recommend to customers when designing data warehouses. This talk will help people learning about DW for the first time and also give insight for those who wish to learn more.

This a great introduction to Data Warehousing done the right way from a couple of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Fast Track: improving performance through correct LUN Mapping and Storage Enclosure configuration

Reference architectures and appliances give us greatly balanced configurations which help to speed up Data Warehouse deployments and vendors give very clear guidance on how to set it up for better performance. However, the old know wisdom “Trust but verify” is still true and may help your setup look way better.

I particularly like the following graphics which illustrate a problem that I have run across several times in the past:

Bad Mapping:

Good Mapping:

PDW How-To: Avoid ShuffleMove and PartitionMove Operations 

Reducing shufflemoves in PDW is one the most important ways  to get the best prossible perfromance out of PDW. When used correctly, CTAS  can help unleash the full potential of an MPP architecture.


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