The Start of Something Great

The purpose of this BLOG is archive, as much as I can, the solutions that I have found/developed throughout my journey in Data Warehousing. These are things that I have found useful and so they might be useful for you as well.

Getting started:

Gathering a good knowledge base is a good place to start. While BLOGs are a good way find information on specific problems, I like to
read a few books on a subject before I start diving in. They provide me with good context for understanding the subject area. Listed below, in no particular order are the books that I have read that have helped me the most.



SQL Server




Read, Develop, Break, Fix and Repeat …..


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3 Responses to “The Start of Something Great”

  1. jamserra Says:

    Glad to see you started a blog! Looking forward to future posts.

  2. Microsoft Data Warehouse Offerings « Garrett Edmondson Says:

    […] I believe that reading all of Kimball’s books should be a requirement before anyone who is called a Microsoft BI Professional. Share […]

  3. Dimensional Modeling Financial Data in SSAS « Garrett Edmondson Says:

    […] While there are many great sources for dimensional modeling, Kimball’s book The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Edition) is essential, but there are few resources which discuss dimensional modeling for Financial Data. I am going assume that the reader already has a firm knowledge base of Dimensional Modeling.  If not then see my recommendations for books that will help form that foundation: The Start of Something Great. […]

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